Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe

Talent and passion.
This is the motto of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe (JRE), the association of the best and youngest European haute cuisine chefs.  
A network made by professional and forward-looking chefs and restaurateurs who – with accuracy, creativity and respect of the local gastronomic heritage – give life to a modern cuisine, deeply rooted in the territory.

The association was established in France in the mid-seventies with the following aims: encourage chefs to get closer, protect and support European haute cuisine, exchange ideas and experiences to promote the spread of gastronomic culture among professionals and consumers, support the professional growth of young and talented European chefs.

Soon JRE was recognized as one of the most prestigious cuisine associations and along the years managed to create a world of flavors, aromas and sensations which in 1992 spread over French borders to other Europeans countries, including Italy.
Each JRE restaurant gives a unique interpretation to local cuisine traditions. Today JRE restaurateurs are more than 350 across Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Italy – including a little group in Australia. The members are chosen among the most innovative chefs under 42 years old, those who are over 50 are honorary members.
In Italy, there are 84 JRE restaurateurs, from north to south – a huge family who choose quality ingredients to offer a unique experience to each guest. With an eye to the future and the other to genuine and fragrant things, JRE restaurateurs are a benchmark in Italian cuisine culture.

JRE restaurateurs rely on a supportive environment, sharing cultural and gastronomic backgrounds towards more and more ambitious goals.