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Piergiorgio Siviero attended the Hotel and Catering School in Adria where he gained his diploma in 1999. He alternated his studies with his first work experiences at the weekends and during summer holidays.


On graduating, he moved to Switzerland to Kulm Hotel in St. Moritz before transferring to Baddrutt’s Palace, where he encountered the strict methods imposed in international cuisine for the first time.


Before leaving for his military service, he managed to complete an experience as assistant patisserie chef at the Don Carlos in the Grand Hotel et de Milan in Milan. In February of 2001, he set off for Milan to work for Aimo Moroni at the ‘Luogo di Aimo e Nadia’**, where he was immersed in a culinary adventure centred around a profound knowledge of the raw material, seasonality, honesty and recognisability of the product with help from one of the greatest Masters of Italian cuisine.


His Paris adventure began in spring 2003, launched in the court of Alain Ducasse, the chef with most stars awarded anywhere in the world. The organisation, technique in the culinary arts and careful attention in the use of new technologies were the drive behind this new adventure, which began with the role of chef de partie at the ‘Il Cortile’* restaurant only to become sous chef to Tjaco Van Eijken after just one year. After this, he refined his experience under the direction of Jean-François Piège at the Plaza Athénée***.

He was then ready to join with the chef Frank Cerruti at the ‘Le Louis XV’*** resturant in Monte Carlo, where he perfected his knowledge in one of the temples of cuisine.


Half way through 2005, he decided to return to Pontelongo, to continue with the work started by his grandfather, Lazzaro, in 1915, and continued by his parents Paolo and Maria Pia and his aunt and uncle Giovanni and Dilva at the ‘Trieste’.


Today he is co-owner with his sister of the ‘Trieste’ hotel and chef together with his aunt, Dilva, and mother, Maria Pia, at the ‘Lazzaro 1915’ where he fuses his experience with a respect for tradition, adding a touch of creative flair.